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True Name Teregrun
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1-10
Locale Temperate grasslands in Qeshir
Form Shrub

Physical Description

The teregrun is a dense shrub of tightly packed, twisted branches and dark green leaves. Each shrub bears a cluster of small yellow, thick skinned fruit.

Physical Properties

When the creamy white inner flesh of the teregrun fruit is beaten into a pulp and allowed to ferment (a process which takes about a week), a useful fluid forms. The pulp must then be squeezed to extract the teregrun fluid. This fluid has strong pain-killing and antibiotic properties. It neutralizes all pain when applied to a wound and prevents infection. It can also help fight some diseases. It has a foul taste and odor.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Teregrun grows along riverbanks and streams in the grasslands of Qeshir. It ranges throughout most of southern Qeshir, from the city of Salhanrasha to the Darijun Jungle.


This bush is fairly hardy and has been successfully transplanted to other regions and private gardens. It is resistant to parasite and disease.

The mytharians and secambru both use fermented teregrun juice in their healing.


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