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True Name Trellock
Frequency Common
Quantity 6d6
Locale Tropical Grassland
Form Tree

Physical Description

This funny shaped tree is very broad and flat. It has very few leaves, usually between 20 and 100, but these leaves are huge and thick. The large ones stretch out from the tree perpendicular to the ground. The tree gets its name from the fact that it greatly resembles a pair of wings spread wide over the grass. The trunk is thin and straight and unremarkable. Leaf size varies from 1' to 14' long and half as wide.

Physical Properties

The leaves of this tree are very strong. The larger ones are quite sturdy while the smaller ones are more flexible. Trellock leaves serve as the stable in the diet of many herbivores. Trellok leaves are edible, but not very tasty or nutritious.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The landwing tree grows in the grasslands of southwestern Ithria, chiefly in Talis.


Trellock leaves have been used for almost every purpose conceivable : larger leaves can be used as armour and construction materials. Medium leaves often serve as clothing and blankets. The phellysians use the smaller leaves for art work. Trellok leaves can be broken up into fibrous strands. These strands are strong, flexible and can be woven together to form rope, blankets, bow strings, clothing, twine and much more.


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