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Kef Brittle

True Name Dookang
Frequency Common
Quantity 5-50
Locale Temperate Grassland
Form Shrub

Physical Description

A dense flowering shrub notable for its long straight smooth stalks that grow in tight clusters. Each stalk bears a cluster of small purple flowers. The shrub grows about one meter tall.

Physical Properties

As its name implies, the stalks are quite brittle and break easily. If soaked, the stalks can be bent and shaped and will harden in the new shape as they dry. The stalks are surprisingly strong and light weight. They are also very flammable when completely dry. Kef brittle makes excellent kindling for fires.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Kef brittle grows in meadows and prairies of southeastern Ithria.


Kef Brittle grows abundantly in the southeast of Ithria and northwest of Qeshir. Kef Brittle is used in Mercia for the construction of the proxies – the small wooden boats used in their Sea Festival ceremony called “The Offering”.


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