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Green Ice

True Name Vethali
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d6
Locale Temperate Grassland
Form Tree

Physical Description

The tree grows very tall and thin. Its small branches grow at angles point up and away from the tree. It has very small, long thin leaves with sharp points. The bark is greyish brown and shaggy with loose strips. Interspersed among the leaves of the top half of the tree are many small green berries with stiff skins.

Physical Properties

The berry contains a juice which, if applied to a burn wound, neutralizes virtually all pain due to the burns and aids in healing the damaged skin.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The green ice tree grows in Ithrian grasslands ranging across the continent.


It is difficult to obtain these Vethali berries. Climbing this tree is extremely difficult due to the sharp needle leaves. Magic is sometimes used to aid in obtaining the berries. Some herbalists take a more direct approach and cut down the whole tree in order to obtain the valuable juice.


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