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Flowers and plants found in grasslands, steppes and prairies.

Name Form Description

Barkrest Tree

Tree A tropical tree with a minty fruit.

Battle Spice

Herb An orange spice that induces battle rage.
Dithwon Tree A fragrant blossoming tree native to Anquar.
Dreamlace Moss A common recreational drug in Qeshir.

Endyear Jewel

Flower A beautiful flower that blossoms on only one day of the year.


Flower A grassland flower whose pollen is a strong narcotic.

Green Ice

Tree A tree whose fruit can be applied to cure burns.
Kef Brittle Shrub A common shrub whose wood is used in the Offering.


Tree A large western tree with huge sheet like leaves.
Swordtip Mushroom Fungus An edible mushroom with a unique shape.
Teregrun Shrub Can be distilled into a potent healing elixir.

Virgin Herb

Herb The "morning after" herb.

Wind Bell

Flower A flower that chimes in the wind.

Wind Dancer

Tree A tall, lean tree with flexible wood.

Wind Singer

Tree A tree with leaves that whistle in the wind.


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