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True Name Syacil
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d6
Locale Temperate Grasslands of Qeshir
Form Flower

Physical Description

This plant appears as a flattened, ribbed green sphere with many small frilly yellow flowers (usually about two dozen per plant) clustered in a six-rayed star shape around a blue oblong center. These plants grow in small clusters. The plant gets its name from its physical appearance.

Physical Properties

The blue core of each flower holds the powdery pollen of the plant. The core must be carefully cut open and unrolled. The powder can then be scrapped off. This powder is a dark blue. It must be slowly dried, during which time it becomes bright blue. The powder is a powerful psychoactive drug that causes profound hallucinations involving all five senses. It distorts the users perceptions and forces the mind into a dream-like euphoric state. It may also cause babbling incoherency, frothing at the mouth and manic behavior.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Firestar can be found in the temperate grasslands of Qeshir, ranging from the southern Padashan Empire to the Darijun Jungle. It is common in the Wind Plains.


Both the drug and the plant are known as firestar. The mytharian shamans are known to use firestar in all of their rituals. The juenta sometimes will use it as well. The secambru dislike the drug as it only gives them headaches.


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