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Endyear Jewel

True Name Jairus
Frequency Very Rare
Quantity 1d4
Locale Temperate Grassland
Form Flower

Physical Description

This flower is exquisitely beautiful. It is a small flower whose spiraling petals form a five sided pyramid shape. All of the petals except one are the same vibrant pink. A single petal at the tip of the pyramid formation is yellow.

Physical Properties


Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The endyear jewel is native to central Ithria and chiefly grows in the grumman lands.


This flower is remarkable in that it blossoms on only one day of the year. This day varies from year to year, but it is always in the late summer, usually in the month of Magerule. The flower blossoms for that day only. The next day, all Endyear Jewels die. Their petals dry up and blow away in the wind. The Endyear jewel is very difficult to find when it is "out of season", but on the day of its blooming, anyone can find them.

An herbalist who closely examines an endyear jewel has a chance of telling when it will bloom. The closer to the day of blooming, the easier it is to tell. The flower bud undergoes very subtle changes just prior to blooming.


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