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Dream Lace

True Name Sengali
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1-10
Locale Temperate grasslands on riverbanks
Form Shrub

Physical Description

Dream laceis a brilliant blue-green and quite fragrant. It tends to grow at the base of large trees in shadowy forests.

Physical Properties

When dried, this moss burns well and emits a sweet, pleasant smoke. The smoke of this plant has powerful psychoactive compounds. Most common effects include relaxation, euphoria, drowsiness and distorted perception of space and time. At high doses, effects include hallucinations, memory loss and impaired congnitive processes.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Dream Lace grows in the forests of eastern Qeshir.


Dream lace is a common recreational drug in Qeshir. It is often burned in bowls, smoked in pipes and hookahs and placed in braziers. It is used across central and eastern Qeshir, from the Padashan Empire to the Secambru Tribes.


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