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True Name Dithwon
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 10-100
Locale Temperate Grassland
Form Tree

Physical Description

This tall tree is very straight and narrow, growing about 11 meters tall (36 ft). It has no branches at all except for a small cluster of small branches, leaves and blossom at the very top of the tree.  The smooth bark of this tree is a light grey. The cluster of vegetation at the top consists of many small, sword shaped leaves and bright yellow blossoms.

Physical Properties

The blossoms of the dithwon tree are remarkably sweet and fragrant. These aromatic blossoms bloom early in the year and remain for until the first frost. They have a remarkably long life and a cut blossom will stay fresh for weeks. Dithwon blossoms are bright yellow, although orange, gold and white variations are known.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The dithwon tree is native to the Kingdom of Anquar.


The origins of the name dithwon are unknown. The dithwon tree is the official tree of Anquar and many hundreds of them are found in gardens and orchards throughout the city. Usually dithwon trees are arranged in neat, orderly lines in gardens. The sweet smelling blossom of the dithwon gardens gives the capital city of Ipotal a distinctive scent which is very evident in certain districts.

It is a tradition in Anquar to bury a single dithwon blossom with a deceased loved one.

It is another tradition in the underworld of Anquar that to send a single dithwon to someone is an omen of ill will and a promise of death. In essence, it is assumed that this is the single blossom that will be buried with them.

There is a small snake called the dithwon viper which often inhabits dithwon trees. Dithwon vipers are mildly poisonous snakes that lay egg clusters in the roots of the dithwon tree. Dithwon gardeners go to great lengths to get rid of these small pests. Dithwon vipers feed on rats, insects and other small animals. Harvesting dithwon blossoms can sometimes bring the risk of a bite from a dithwon viper. Dithwon viper venom will cause sickness for several days, but is generally not lethal. Dithwon vipers are about one foot long with brightly colored scales - yellow, white or orange. This provides them with good camouflage as they tend to hide among blossoms of similar color.


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