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Battle Spice

True Name Ethales
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1d4
Locale Tropical Grassland
Form Herb

Physical Description

Battle spice is the bright orange fleshy root of a small flowering plant. It is normally moist, but if dug up and cut, it dries out quickly unless protected.

Physical Properties

The Ethales root is a very powerful drug. A warrior that eats this root experiences a number of physiological effects. Shortly after consuming the root, the user enters a berserk rage. Strength is greatly increased. The user virtually ignores pain and fights viciously until completely exhausted. Reflexes and visual acuity are also magnified. Such is the power of the drug that it also manifests many side effects : bloodshot eyes, flushed skin and fever. While under the influence of the drug, it is very difficult to cast spells or perform other tasks that require concentration or coordination. Soldiers often eat this spice before entering battle. Battle Spice is addictive. Those who develop a taste for it and partake of the root regularly are referred to as Spicers.

It is possible to overdose on battle spice. An overdose results in hyper aggression, foaming at the mouth, incoherency, shaking and severe hallucinations. A warrior in the throes of an overdose will attack anyone and everyone, unable to distinguish friend from foe. Such an overdose is known as spice madness. Spice madness lasts approximately 24 hours, after which the person will collapse in utter exhaustion and fall into a deep slumber from which they cannot be roused. This near death coma will last for 8-16 hours typically. Often spicers do not wake up from this coma.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Battle spice grows in southwestern Ithria, chiefly in Talis, Bathynia and Kalimura.


This spice is greatly prized by the warrior races of the world. One dose can turn a normal fighter into a raging animal that fears nothing. Commanders often purchase and safeguard quantities of the spice for important battles.


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