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Barkrest Tree

True Name Barkrest
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 10d10
Locale Tropical Grassland
Form Tree

Physical Description

The barkrest tree is a very tall, thin tree which sways and dances with the slightest breeze. It has emerald green spade shaped leaves and bears oddly square shaped fruit. These small fruit are bright blue, grow in clusters near the top and make the tree easy to recognize.

Physical Properties

The barkrest fruit has a very strong minty flavor. It can be eaten straight or used in dishes. The phellysians often eat this fruit after meals to freshen the breath. The phellysians also extract the juice from this fruit and use it to create a perfume.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The barkrest tree is found chiefly in southwestern Ithria. It is common in Talis, Karth and Myria.


The name "barkrest" is of unknown origins. Many scholars believe that it is the fusion of the words "bark" and "rest". However, it is not known how those two words relate to the tree.


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