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Stench Root

True Name Tarsarkule
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 20-200
Locale Swamps and forests
Form Fungus

Physical Description

This fungus grows in thick clusters of dark purple mushrooms. They emit a foul odor which is so strong, you can find this fungus from the smell alone. These mushrooms always grow in clusters. They are rare and grow only in shadowy nooks in wet regions. Usually under rocky overhangs.

Physical Properties

The fungus has strong medicinal properties. It cures fevers, pain and swelling. It is also a primary ingredient in several curative potions and elixirs. Finally, this fungus is edible. It is valuable and alchemists are able to go hunting for it by its stench.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Stench root is found in the swamps of Ithria. It is particularly common in the Stench Bog, to whose eponymous odor this fungus contributes.


A giant variety of these mushrooms grow in the Underworld and are harvested by the dwarves. Equally pungent, it is strongly flavored. Whole dwarven dishes are built around stenchroot.


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