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Star Of Khoras

True Name Gaustron
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d6
Locale Deciduous Forest
Form Fungi

Physical Description

The Star Of Khoras appears as a large fleshy tan-colored fungus. It has a large central globe and five thick, fleshy petals in a star formation. Overall, the fungus is about 2 to 3 meters in diameter. The globe is about a half meter in diameter. The petals are 6 to 10 cm thick while the walls of the central globe are 3 inches thick. Cradled in the globe is a thick yellow/orange fluid. The fungus has a meaty aroma.

Physical Properties

The entire fungus is edible (and tasty) except for the inner fluid which is mildly poisonous. This incredibly foul tasting liquid will cause vomiting if ingested.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

This unusual fungus is found in dark, shadowy nooks of the deep forests in Ithria.


Alchemists are able to refine the inner liquid of this fungus into a very useful alchemical product. Through various alchemical procedures, the foul taste and ill inducing effects can be removed. The resulting amber colored liquid, if consumed, will cause a number of physiological effects - increased extroversion, enhanced empathy to others, greatly enhanced sensory perception and an overall feeling of euphoria. In addition, it causes complete sterility. These effects lasts about 24 hours. This combination of effects has led it to become a "party drug" for the wealthy and it has earned the name "Rogue's Rum". There are many who will pay good money for "Rogue's Rum" to enhance sexual encounters and eliminate the risk of producing unwanted bastards. Rogue's Rum is difficult to obtain and is usually only sold in major cities. It's high price makes it a play thing of the wealthy.


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