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Shell Fungus

True Name Delentha
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1d4
Locale Deciduous Forest
Form Fungus

Physical Description

The shell fungus is a large fruiting underground mushroom with two distinct sections - a thick main root that grows deep into the soil and an upper body consisting of a ruffled cartiledge ring surrounding a distinctive tri-valve chitinous shell. Within the tri-valve shell is a fleshy white inner core.

Physical Properties

The core of this mushroom is a rare culinary delicacy that greatly enhances the flavor of meats, stews and sauces. It is prized by master chefs and individual mushrooms fetch high prices at market. This rare mushroom has evolved an unusual defense mechanism. When threatened, it retracts the core and closes the shell tightly. The protective shell has three parts that close up tightly.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The shell fungus is found only in the woods of Aggradar. It is usually found only in deep forest, usually growing at the foot of an oak tree. Because of their location and the fact that the low lying fungus is often obscured by dirt, grass and leaves, they are difficult to find.


The only thing harder than finding this mushroom is harvesting it. They are notoriously difficult to dig up because of the very deep roots. The shell completely encloses the core. The shell casing is more difficult to crack open than the strongest coconut. If the shell is pried open, the core can be cut out without killing the mushroom. It will grow back within a month. Some wealthy nobles, particularly in Aukaria, have taken to keeping these rare mushrooms in their gardens where specially trained harvesters pluck the cores.


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