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Razor Rose

True Name Rogtem
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1d10
Locale Deciduous Forest
Form Flower

Physical Description

The razor rose appears as a rather large and well developed type of rose. It's stem and thorns are dark green and noted for a metallic sheen.

Physical Properties

The razor rose is fascinating to herbalists and alchemists because it contains unusually high levels of metallic elements and seems to be made of some form of metal/wood fusion. The stem and thorns of this flower are very strong, yet light. The substance does not rust or burn. The thorns themselves grow with edges in addition to points and a extremely sharp.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Although rare, the razor rose has been found in most forests in Ithria.


For years, herbalists and alchemists have tried to unlock the secret of the razor rose. Many believe that it will be the key to a new generation of armour.


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