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Popping Tree

True Name Wudara Thonde
Frequency Rare
Quantity n/a
Locale Temperate forest in Eastern Qeshir
Form Bush

Physical Description

This odd tree has spherical fruit which grows directly from the bark in the tree trunk, rather than from bough and branch. The shell of the wudara fruit is thick, hard and smooth. It is a dark brown glossy shell with a wood grain pattern. It is almost perfectly spherical shell. The tree has no branches or boughs. Only a central trunk and a thick cluster of leaves at the top.

Physical Properties

As the fruit matures, it grows and the bark around the fruit slowly contracts until the fruit pops out with an audible sound. 

Because the fruit contracts and expands thermally more during the day, they tend to pop out more on warm days around noon or early afternoon. 

As these fruit are hard shelled and quite heavy, they can pose a threat to creatures below. They can drop from as high as 15 meters and may shoot out a fair distance to either side from the tree.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The popping tree grows in the temperate forests of eastern Qeshir. It is chiefly found in the Aswanar Wildlands.


The inner meat of the fruit is edible and has a high water content. It is sweet.

The seeds inside are long, soft white ovals. They are edible, mushy and sour. 


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