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True Name Orgentari
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1d4
Locale Temperate forests of Aggradar
Form Fungi

Physical Description

This fungus grows in small clusters that erupt from the ground in misshapen bloated mushrooms. Its deep red color and the fact that it glistens wetly creates the impression that the land is bleeding. It has a foul odor, like something rotting.

Physical Properties

If this fungus is ingested raw (no preparation is needed), it greatly boosts an animal’s natural resistance to poisons. This effect lasts for up to a day. One full fungus must be consumed. The flavor is very bitter.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Poisonthwart is found in temperate forests in Aggradar, most especially in the Wildwood and the Greenwood.


This root is also known as Land’s Wound, but this name is only popular among herbalists and alchemists.


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