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Podge berries

"A common wine for common men." 

True Name Pogulus
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 10d10
Locale Temperate forests, very common in Central Ithria
Form Vine

Physical Description

Podge berries are large, round berries with a smooth waxy skin There are two types of podge berries: black and red. They resemble grapes except that they are typically 1.5 inches in diameter and perfectly round.

Physical Properties

Podge berries have no medicinal or alchemical properties. They are, however, edible and quite tasty. They have a sweet, citrus taste and are a regular part of many dishes.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Podge berries grow in forests of central Ithria. They are particularly common in the grumman lands.


The grum love podge berries and incorporated them into many dishes. Podge berry jam can be found in every grum's pantry. It is a grumman favorite. Raw podge berries are often consumed at picnics or festivals.

The grum also make a fine wine from fermented podge berries. Podge berry wine has a deep burgundy color and is very sweet. Varying recipes create different kinds of podge berry wine. Podge berry wine is considered a "lower class" wine by most lords and nobles... a drink only fit for peasants. 


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