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Mated Tree

True Name Quel
Frequency Common
Quantity 1
Locale Mixed Forest
Form Tree

Physical Description

This tree is actually two distinct floral life forms living in a symbiotic relationship. The first life form is the outer shell which appears as a beautiful tree with smooth white bark and nine point emerald green leaves. The outer shell is, of course, hollow. The second life form is the inner part and appears as a thick black fibrous web which clings to the inner lining of the trunk.

Physical Properties

None, other than a unique physical construction.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Mated trees can be found in many forests throughout Ithria.


Much has been written about the nature of this tree. Many sages consider this tree symbolic of the nature of beauty and evil within. This tree has been used as an example in discussions of beauty and ugliness, deceit, truth and the nature of reality. A mated tree is sometimes the site for rituals. At other times, religions have destroyed, worshipped, feared and venerated this tree.


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