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True Name Kelfar
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 20-200 individual leaves
Locale Deciduous Forest
Form Moss

Physical Description

Kelfar is a densely packed moss with many tiny leaves. There are two main varieties of Kelfar, red and black. The red variety has red-tinged green leaves. When properly and completely dried, the leaves of this variety turn dark crimson. The black variety has dark green leaves that turn black when dried.

Physical Properties

This herb has a distinctive aroma and the dried leaves of this plant are excellent for smoking in pipes. It is commonly used as a smoking tobacco in many cultures throughout central and eastern Ithria.The two varieties of Kelfarian leaf tobacco are Red Leaf (a sweeter variety) and Black Leaf (a more robust, earthy, pungent flavor).

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Kelfar is a moss that grows in shadowy nooks of deep temperate forests in most of Ithria.


The leaves of this plant must be hand picked and separated from the tiny wiry stems and roots of the rest of the plant. This is labor intensive and is the reason that this smoking tobacco is fairly expensive.


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