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Grog Blossom

True Name Haradsar
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1-10
Locale Deciduous Forest
Form Flowering Bush

Physical Description

Grog blossoms are the budding blossoms of a small, perennial bush. The bush has clusters of small, dark green spade shaped leaves and the grog blossom itself is a large reddish flower with a central fuzzy bulb which is purplish red.

Physical Properties

The grog blossom is edible. In Ithrian nations along the coast, ranging from the Drakkellian Alliance to Kitar, it is served as a garnish floating on the top of a mug of ale. Grog blossoms are named because of this. They have a flavor which goes well with ale.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Grog blossom flowers are found in warm, predominantly deciduous forests. It is particularly common in the south and east of Ithria and most notably in forests near the coastline. They are common in the Emperor's Grove.




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