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Glow Tree

True Name Woget
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1d10
Locale Deciduous Forest
Form Tree

Physical Description

This tree looks like a normal tree of average size except that the small oval shaped leaves are white with small brown veins.

Physical Properties

During this day, the leaves of this tree absorb sunlight. At night, the leaves glow with a soft radiant light. A single leaf has a very weak glow, but the hundreds of leaves of a tree create enough light to read within a 60 foot radius. The leaves can be ground into a paste with the same light absorbing qualities. Leaves removed from the tree and the paste will both gradually lose its luminosity. This makes the tree very easy to spot at night.

Magical Properties

A unique quality of this tree is that when it is "charged" with sunlight, it radiates a weak magical aura which divination spells can detect. This aura is weakest in the morning and strongest in the evening.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Glow trees are rare. They are found only deep in heart of large temperate, deciduous forests in Ithria. They are several clusters of glow trees in the depths of the Mist Forest, making them more common in that region.


Glowtrees are often the sites of elven festivals, weddings and other social events.


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