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Forest Lord

True Name Tharqel
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity Unlimited
Locale Deciduous Forests throughout the world
Form Tree

Physical Description

The Forest Lord tree is the largest living thing on Khoras. The elvish name for this tree is the Tharqel which is also the name scholars use for it. It is also known as the "roof tree" to the grum. These enormous trees typically reach 200 meters or more. The trunks of these trees can reach 50 meters in diameter and the rough brown bark can be a meter thick. Forest lord leaves are teardrop shaped, bright green and as large as a shield.

Forest Lord trees tend to grow in thick clusters covering hundreds of square miles. Most major forests have at least one cluster of forest lord trees. The largest concentration of them is found in the heart of the Grand Wood.  Within these clusters of trees, whole ecosystems develop at different altitudes, ranging from the highest canopy down to the forest floor.

The Canopy - All forest lords next to each other tend to grow the same height and their thickly clustered branches and leaves intertwine with their neighboring trees to form a dense and distinct canopy. It is possible to climb up through the canopy and, if one is careful, walk across the canopy branches, from one tree to another. A thick "roof" of green leaves will greet the adventurous soul. Many who have made the climb describe it as a world separate from the forest where the sun and blue sky touch the sea of emerald leaves that stretches for miles.

The High Branches - The limbs are quite strong and grow perpendicular to the trunk. Elves build buildings, roads, ramps, sky bridges and whole towns among the high branches of the forest lords. The capital city of Ennathe itself is built aloft in the high branches of the Grandwood's forest lords.

The Forest Floor - Far beneath the ocean of sunlight and emerald leaves above, all is darkness and silence as little light penetrates the dense canopy of branches. Shriveled leaves flutter down through dying branches. The ground below is a place of quiet shadows and gloom where bright green mosses and algae cover the soft and spongy ground between clusters of mushrooms and enormous tree roots.


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