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The forests of the world are dense with a wide spectrum of plants and flowers.

Name Form Description


Tree A forest tree with a healing berry.
Black Root Herb A common herb that is smoked or chewed. 


Tree A foul smelling tree that repels insects.
Clabbergill Flower A huge tropical flower. Largest flower in the world.


Flower Two flowers that always grow together.

Forest Lord

Tree The largest tree on Ithria.
Ghost Tree Tree A beautiful and unusual white tree, native to Anquar.

Glow Tree

Tree A northern tree that glows at night.

Goodberry Tree

Tree A rare berry that neutralizes poison.
Grog Blossom Bush An edible flower served as a garnish to ale in southeastern Ithria.

Hunter's Herb

Herb An herb from which a preservative can be distilled.

Iron Wood

Tree The strongest known wood.

Karenia's Brew

Fungi Another rare but poisonous mushroom.


Moss The finest tobacco of the midlands.

Mated Tree

Tree A pair of plants that have a symbiotic relationship.
Mercian Red Oak Tree A fine lumber tree valued for its parasite resistant resins.
Podgeberry Vine Sweet, juicy fruit that lends itself to a variety of recipes.


Fungi An herb that gives temporary poison resistance.
Popper Tree Tree A strange tree that expels its seeds through the bark.

Razor Rose

Flower A plant made of a wood/metal blend.
Shell Fungus Fungus A valuable culinery jewel with a defense mechanism.

Star of Khoras

Fungus An edible fungus with a unique medicinal quality.
Stenchroot Fungus A valuable fungus with an overpowering stench.
Stinger Tree Tree A rare but dangerous tree bred as a weapon for the Great War.

Zellanfruit Tree

Tree A common fruit tree.


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