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True Name Muravus
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d8
Locale Deciduous Forest
Form Flower

Physical Description

The plant has two separate flowers - the first flower is a small blue flower with six petals. The larger flower is yellow and has nine petals.  Both flowers are surrounded by a cluster of long, thin green blade-shaped petals.

Physical Properties

Both the green petals and the two flowers have a sweet distinctive smell.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The fellstar flowers are found in the central deciduous forests of Ithria, chiefly the Grandwood, the Mercian Forest and the Emperor's Grove.


This flower is actually two separate flowers that always grow together in pairs. They share a symbiotic relationship and so are never found apart. But over the centuries, they have been united by a common name. The two flowers have become known as Fellstar for their likeness to the twin stars.

Because of the sweet smell of this plant, elven girls will often weave its petals into floral jewelry and into their hair.


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