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Bug Bane

True Name Portrus
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d20
Locale Deciduous Forest
Form Tree

Physical Description

This short squat tree has a broad flattened shape. It has patchy colored bark and leaves that vary in color (light green to dark forest green). The tree itself has a repulsive stench which is noticeable at a considerable distance.

Physical Properties

The stench of the leaves of this trees is absolutely terrible, but repels all insects and insectoid life forms quite effectively. It also repels arachnids and many other life forms. The leaves can be ground into a sticky paste with the same properties.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The bug bane tree is found deep in the largest forests of Ithria.


The bugbane tree has been used as the sites for picnics, since there are no insects anywhere near the tree. Those who can put up with the smell never have to worry about such pests. The repellent quality of this tree affects karthasian just as it does lesser insect life forms. Most karthasians will refuse to approach a bugbane tree.


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