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Black Root

True Name Sragloth
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d20
Locale Tropical to Temperate Forests
Form Herb

Physical Description

Black root is a common herb which appears as a short plant with long sharply pointed blue leaves. The stems and roots of the plant are glossy and black.

Physical Properties

Black root is a versatile plant. It can be chewed, smoked and eaten straight. It can also be fermented and brewed in alcohol to make a very dark, strongly flavored tincture known as Blackroot Ale or Blackbeer. Blackbeer is a common cheap beverage in many lands. It can also be brewed in water to make blackroot tea. It has a strong flavor which is both oily and smoky. In any form, black root is a depressant and causes a mild euphoric sensation. It is also mildly addictive. 

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Blackroot is a common herb found in forests throughout Ithria. It is found everywhere except the far northern reaches.


This widespread herb can be found in many of the warmer regions on all three continents. It is a common and cheap alternate to tobacco and is smoked or chewed by many commoners. It is, however, considered by many to be a foul habit and somewhat lower class.


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