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Bitter Berry

True Name Alliun
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d12
Locale Deciduous Forest
Form Tree

Physical Description

The Alliun is a small, deciduous flowering tree with very small, stiff green leaves. A mature tree is typically four to five meters tall and a trunk about half a meter in diameter. The bark is smooth and light brown. The branches form a cluster of leaves with a rounded shape. In the branches of this tree grow many large pinkish white flowers bearing large berries which vary from pale pink to yellow-orange. Near the top of the tree are a few bright red berries, about 2 inches in diameter. Typically, one will find 1 to 12 red berries in a tree.

Physical Properties

The red berries are "bitter berries" or alliun berries. If eaten, the bitter berry will cause a sudden rush of invigoration and energy. The person consuming the berry will feel rejuvenated and revitalized. Pain lessens and blood will clot more easily. It can cure headaches and all manner of minor pains.

The non-red berries have little taste and no medicinal properties.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

This plant is found in the forests of Ithria.


The Alliun berry tastes bitter, hence the name. Once it is picked, a bitter berry will begin to ripen and gradually loose its healing properties over the next twenty four hours. After one day, it is considered "over ripe" and, if eaten, will have no effect. After 48 hours, it will have become bloated, rotten and inedible. If a rotten berry is eaten, it will cause retching and severe stomach cramps which will last for a day.

Bitter berries tend to grow only deep in the woods, in temperate deciduous forests. They have a tendency to grow near the edges of small clearings.


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