The World Of Khoras - Fauna and Flora

The Flora of Ithria

Characteristics Of Khorasian Flora

True Name

The alchemical name known to sages, scholars, herbalists and alchemists. True names are often derived from ancient languages.


This represents the frequency of occurrence of the plant and the difficulty associated with locating and identifying a particular plant. To a lesser degree, this also represents the difficulty of obtaining a "dose" of whatever herbal medicine/poison/etc. may be obtained from the planet. It is divided up into four categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Very Rare. Scarcity should be taken into consideration when applying modifiers to skill rolls associated with identifying the plant type and extracting the appropriate material.


This is the quantity of "doses" that can usually be obtained once the vegetation is located. For each dose that is indicated, a successful skill roll may be required to properly extract the dose. If the skill roll is failed, the herbal dose is damaged during the process of extraction and is unusable. The exact result varies from plant to plant.


The physical form of the vegetation. Possible types are: Herb, Flower, Moss, Lichen, Tree, Grass, Vine, Fungus


Describes the land type in which the vegetation is most commonly found. However, plant life often thrives in similar or related ecosystems.

Name Description


Underwater plants, seaweed and plants that grow along riverbanks.


Plants found in the icy north.


Flora found in deserts and arid scrublands.
Desolation The unique vegetation found only in the Desolation.


Flora of the forests.


Grasslands flora.
Jungle/Rainforest Flora of the jungles and rainforests.


Unnatural plants created through magical research.


Flora found in the foothills, mountain slopes and high peaks.
Subterranean Plants found only underground.


Plant life found in swamps, marshes, bogs and other wetlands.


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