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Whip Vine

True Name Gulyana
Frequency Common (within the Desolation)
Quantity n/a
Locale Found only in the Desolation of Shidar
Form Bush

Physical Description

The whip vine plant appears as a tall straight brush with hundreds of thorny vines draping down its sides. Sometimes small bones may litter the ground around it and there is often the faint smell of rotted meat.

Physical Properties

This carnivorous plant that has hundreds of long flexible tendrils sprouting from a central trunk. Each tendril has dozens of sharp thorns. The central trunk shaft is composed of a fibrous tissue that can contract like a muscle. Through "muscular" contraction, it can spin the trunk around and the whip vines become a whirling dance of death. It can only spin in one direction for about 12 rotations. Then the muscles contract in the other direction and the spin is reversed. It takes a second to get up to speed. Smaller fibrous "muscles" in the whips contract and make the whips semi-rigid and get up to speed faster.

The roots of this plant are sensitive to pressure. When a creature steps within range, the whip vine will lash out, twirling its thorny vines. Smaller animals can become ensnared. Large animals may lose small chunks of flesh. Either may be drawn into the central trunk where they are dropped and the detritus is digested in the plants core providing nutrients for the plant.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

This plant is native to the Desolition of Shidar in Aggradar and is found no where else.


Whipvine plants are dangerous, especially when travelling at night. It is too easy to set one off and get ripped to shreds by the whirling vines. In the daylight however, they are easily identified. Not only by their unusual appearances, but by the circular area around the plant that will be devoid of all other plants and trees.


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