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The Flora of the Desolation

Because of the brutal conditions of the desolation and dangerous animal life there, plants that live in the Desolation of Shidar have been forced to evolve quickly and develop a number of remarkable defensive adaptations. It is important to note that these plants are found only in the Desolation. As far as is known, no one has transplanted species  in deserts, arid scrublands and desolate badlands. Desert flora has evolved to survive the super dry conditions found in that harsh environment. Such adaptations include a waxy coating over the skin to retain moisture and small, dense needles in place of leaves that loose less moisture through a smaller surface area.

Name Form Description
Cloakbush Bush A plant that dons "armor" when threatened.
Deathmauler Tree Tree A predatory tree that does not wait for prey to come to it.
Digger Root Tree A deep rooted plant.
Flickertongue Bush An flower with a deadly tongue.
Phoenix Brush Bush A vine that grows almost as fast as it as eaten.
Whipvine Bush A whirling whip-wielding carnivorous plant.


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