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Floating Flower

True Name Jumair
Frequency Common (within the Desolation)
Quantity n/a
Locale Found only in the Desolation of Shidar
Form Bush

Physical Description

The Floating Flower appears as an oddly shaped plant with a single trunk covered in leaves, a large central bulge from which and a cluster of fronts on top. 

Physical Properties

This plant has two sections, a leafy ground rooted section and an inflatable upper section. When threatened or attacked,  the upper section detaches like a balloon suspending the core of the plant and floats away. The balloon is filled with a biologically created lighter-than-air gas. The bottom part and roots are sacrificed. Later on, the plant lands and reroots itself.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

This plant is native to the Desolition of Shidar in Aggradar and is found no where else.


Great "flocks" of these plants sometimes float together on the wind, having detached en masse  when overrun by the horde. These groups of floating plants on the wind are sometimes "harvested" in the air by an omarin tribe that escapes the horde by travelling in hot-air balloons.


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