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Flickertongue Tree

True Name Klejire
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity n/a
Locale Desolation
Form Tree

Physical Description

The flickertongue tree is a small, squat tree with light brown bark and a tremendous bulge at the base just above the ground. At the top of the tree, above the branches, is a single enormour petaled flower. The tree stands about 5 meters tall with a trunk which is 7 meters around the bulge.

Physical Properties

The flickertongue is yet another form of vegetation from the Desolation of Shidar which moves of its own accord. This huge plant has a long sticky tongue-like appendage which shoots out from the central flower at the top like a frog's tongue. The tongue itself is a long, flexible rubbery appendage coated in a secreted glue. The tongue has a range of 10 meters (32 feet) and is very fast, able to shoot out and snap back in the blink of an eye. The flickertongue can snatch up small animals, birds, large insects and even small humanoids.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

This plant is native to the Desolition of Shidar in Aggradar and is found no where else.




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