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Digger Root

True Name Deprok
Frequency Common (within the Desolation)
Quantity n/a
Locale Found only in the Desolation of Shidar
Form Bush

Physical Description

The digger root, also sometimes called Deeproot, is a small flowering shrub found in the foothills scattered through the Desolation of Shidar. It grows about 1.25 meters tall (4 feet) with a spade shaped dark green leaves and small orange six-petaled flowers..

Physical Properties

This bush plant has a long deep root system with thousands of long, thin tendril-like roots which go deep into the soil, sometimes as deep as 15 meters (50 feet). It is impossible for any creature to dig up every last fiber of this plant.  Segmented tendrils detach easily and are another defense mechanism.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

This plant is native to the Desolition of Shidar in Aggradar and is found no where else.


A number of desolation creatures feed on this plant. Ultimately, it only sacrifices the top part. The roots remain and the plant regrows after the Horde season.


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