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Cloaking Bush

True Name Jumair
Frequency Common (within the Desolation)
Quantity n/a
Locale Found only in the Desolation of Shidar
Form Bush

Physical Description

The cloaking bush is a huge plant with enormous rigid petals that splay out on the ground. The outer petals are silvery and metallic. The inner petals, stem and core of the plant are green. A cluster of orange and red flowers sprout from the main stem near the top. The plant has a number of long, winding vine-like tendrils that radiate outward from the plant, just beneath the soil, although these are usually not seen.

Physical Properties

The subterranean tendrils are sensitive to pressure and can sense tremors and footsteps. If threatened, this plant will contract, pulling in its leaves and petals. It will then fold up the six outer petals, which are comprised of a hard shell. These six armored petals will fold up around the plant and close together, sealing it off like a giant pod. Once closed, the plant is self-contained and sealed airtight. Nothing can get in. The six armored petals are very tough. It will easily resist hammer and sword blows. Arrows will deflect off.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

This plant is native to the Desolition of Shidar in Aggradar and is found no where else.


It's possible that if you are standing to close to the plant and you disturb it, you could get caught up when it closes. Either captured inside or possibly losing an arm or  a leg as the armored carapace shears them off. The petals close quickly.


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