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Shade Bloom

True Name Gaxytren
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1d4
Locale Desert
Form Herb

Physical Description

This small herb appears as a leafy mass sprouting through the sand and rock. The leaves are thick and soft. Its color is a very dark green. At a distance, it looks black, especially in direct sunlight.

Physical Properties

If the inner, darker colored leaves are boiled in water, much of the herb’s juices will transfer to the water, like tea. This process dyes the water black. This herbal concoction can be applied to the eyes, one drop at a time. This will result in a color change in the eye (the entire eye will become black) and the eye will be "shaded". That is, prolonged exposure to bright light or sudden flashes of extremely bright light will not bother the creature. The duration of this effect varies greatly depending upon many factors but is usually between three and eighteen hours.

If the resin fluid is applied to the eyes of a Baenite, blindness occurs. (The Baenite inner eyelid closes). However, this condition is only temporary and is usually gone within twelve hours. Alchemists and herbalists do not know why the plant has this effect on Baenites.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The shade bloom herb is found only in rocky crevasses in the Baen Desert of Ithria. It is found no where else in the world.


Baenites consider this plant to be taboo and avoid even looking at it for fear that it will steal their eyesight. (This is tied into a Baenite legend).


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