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Sand God

True Name Inkrest
Frequency Rare
Quantity 150 to 250 liters of water, 5 to 10 kilograms of wax
Locale Desert
Form Tree

Physical Description

This huge tree has a very bloated trunk and very small twisted limbs that curve and twist about as if protecting the main trunk by warding off blows. The leaves of this tree are brownish green shaped like long thin needles. Getting close enough to touch the trunk of this tree is difficult because of these thorny leaves. If one does manage to avoid painful pricks and touch the bark, that adventuresome soul will find that the shiny grey bark is very smooth, almost waxy.

Physical Properties

The Inkrest tree stores a huge amount of water within its main trunk. If a Sand God is cut open and hacked apart, up to 25% of the tree’s mass can be obtained in water. This is around 250 liters for some of the larger specimens. This water is obtained by pressing strips of the fleshy inner wood.

The bark itself can be scraped to obtain its wax. This wax is then heated and strained to remove bits of bark and other impurities. Inkrest wax is extremely pure and has a high melting point. It is ideal for water proofing items such as tents, scroll cases, boxes, woven seams, etc.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The sand god tree is native to Ithria. It is chiefly found in the Baen Desert, but specimens have also been found in the arid scrublands of the Coalition and southern Sentinels.


The origin of the name Inkrest is not known among alchemists aside from obscure Baenite legends.


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