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Sand Sapphire

True Name Yawari
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1-10
Locale Arid scrublands and desert of Aggrdar
Form Cactus

Physical Description

The sand sapphire is a cactus that has a large central orb shaped body with three to seven straight arms. The entire plant is covered in six inch spines. The cactus is known for a cluster of small, brilliant blue, radially symmetrical flowers that blossom at the top of the main body. A single plant typically bears between three and ten flowers. The cactus is roughly two meters wide.

Physical Properties

The flowers of this cactus are mildly poisonous if eaten, resulting in stomach cramps and lethargy. However, if cooked in alcohol, the resulting tincture has useful alchemical properties and is a useful component in numerous healing potions and herbal concoctions. The tincture, by itself, can cure headaches and fever.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The sand sapphire can be found in the arid scrublands of Aggradar. It ranges from Fyrren's Wandering to Eshtar and along the southern coast. It is easy to harvest. The pain-killing tincture is stable, lasts for years and travels well. Because of this, the tincture can be found in markets throughout Aggradar.


In the Aukarian Republic, cooked petals of the flower are used to adorn and flavor some dishes.

The plant gets its name from the flower.


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