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Plants found in deserts, arid scrublands and desolate badlands. Desert flora has evolved to survive the super dry conditions found in that harsh environment. Such adaptations include a waxy coating over the skin to retain moisture and small, dense needles in place of leaves that loose less moisture through a smaller surface area.

Name Form Description
Atashi Tree A fragrant flowering tree from which perfume is made.
Desert Sponge Bush/Root A desert bush whose roots retain water.
Firethorn Vine A thorny vine with a dangerous poison.
Fireweed Shrub A common tobacco in southern Ithria.

Sand God

Tree A bloated desert tree that stores water.
Sand Sapphire Cactus A native cactus that bears a small flower with useful herbal properties.
Scribe's Tree Tree A tree that grows in arid badlands that has a valuable bark.

Shade Bloom

Herb A desert herb that renders the eyes "shaded".


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