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True Name Furochen
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d8
Locale Polar
Form Lichen

Physical Description

Firemoss is composed of thousands of tiny curled tendrils that form a thick, soft mass of vegetation. It clings closely to rock surfaces at high altitudes in cold regions. It is usually a dark greyish green.

Physical Properties

This moss can be ground into a paste. No preparation is needed. It needs only to be plucked from the rocks and ground up. It is one of the easiest herbal medicines to prepare. If it is applied directly to frostbitten flesh, it will warm the flesh and stimulate the nerves undoing the damage done by the cold. Severe frostbite will not be affected.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Firemoss is found in the extreme northern lands at the edges of frozen lakes and nestled in rocky crevasses.


Firemoss is a very hardy plant and is almost impossible to kill. It is very susceptible to fire as it burns easily. Otherwise, it is very difficult to kill and thrives in almost any conditions. It cannot, however, survive in temperate or tropical lands.


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