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Whirling Flower

True Name Hirpler
Frequency Common
Quantity n/a
Locale Freshwater banks
Form Flower

Physical Description

This small flower only stands 10 to 15 centimeters tall. It is dart shaped with a long thin needle like structure on the bottom and five propeller shaped petals in a star formation circling the top. The petals are white. The rest of the plant is green. The petals are thick and quite stiff.

Physical Properties

The section of the plant to which the petals are attached is a fibrous material which is almost molecularly identical to the "muscles" of the Welpan plant. Alchemists and herbalists are not sure how, but the Whirling Plant somehow absorbs radiant energy from the suns and converts it into mechanical motion. While in direct sunlight, the fibrous tissue will contract, slowly turning the petals, as if "winding up". When the flower has reached its maximum contraction, the winding stops. The plant uses this stored energy to twirl the petals and launch itself into the air. The petals work like propellers making flying leaps of up to 20 meters possible.

The plant does not sustain itself using photosynthesis. Instead, it obtains all of its nutrients from the soil through the needle like projection which it pierces the ground with. When the soil around it has been exhausted of nutrients, the flower relocates with a flying hop.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The whirling flower is common in dense forests throughout Ithria.


The argument of sentience surrounds this flower as it does the Welpan plant. But, most alchemists and herbalists agree that the Whirling Flower is only responding to stimuli and has no true intelligence.


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