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Walking Plant

True Name Welpan
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity n/a
Locale Freshwater banks
Form Tree

Physical Description

The unique walking plant appears as a tightly packed cluster of stems that all stand straight. The plant is about 1.25 meters tall (4 ft).. A mass of small green tendrils tops these stems off. The stems themselves are covered in a scaly bark.

Physical Properties

The most unique characteristic of this plant is that it is capable of independent movement. The lower sections of this plant including the roots contain fibrous tissue which is able to contract and expand much as a muscle does. If disturbed, the plant extricates itself from the soil (revealing four distinct clusters of wet, brown roots) and moves away by using its root clusters as small feet. The plant is apparently semi-sentient and aware of its environment. It is able to perceive changes in its immediate surroundings, such as vibration, temperature, soil condition and atmospheric content. The plant responds to unfavorable conditions by simply relocating. The plant moves slowly and usually only short distances at a time as if stopping to rest.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The walking plant can be found along many rivers throughout Qeshir.


Sages, alchemists, herbalists and other scholars argue as to whether the Welpan plant is sentient or not. Many argue that since it exhibits no signs of intelligence, it is only responding to stimuli. They suggest that the walking plant is nothing more than a prodigy of instinct, a fluke of nature. Others argue that it is sentient and is a link between the plant and animal worlds. Unaware of these philosophical debates, the Welpan plods on.


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