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Troth Clusters

True Name Esarkarul
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1d10
Locale Shallow Ocean Water
Form Seaweed

Physical Description

A thick clustering variety of brown seaweed that has numerous long oval shaped leaves along long tendrils. Within the tendrils are thousands of small white seed-like structures.

Physical Properties

Troth seaweed has strong medicinal properties. If gathered and dried, certain seeds within the fronds can be cooked, ground up into a fine brown powder. This powder cures a number of ailments, eases pain and eases stomach problems.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

This seaweed range throughout the Wild Sea and the Sapphire Main. They are very common along the western and northern coasts of Qeshir, ranging from the Kingdom of Anquar to the Padashan Empire.


A number of dangerous predators tend to hunt around troth clusters because smaller fish feed on them. Harvesting troth seaweed is a lucrative, but very dangerous occupation.


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