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Retch Moss

True Name Rewken
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d12
Locale River banks and waterfalls
Form Moss

Physical Description

Retch Moss appears as a sickly green and black leafy mass of rotting vegetation. It is quite ugly and has a powerful stench which is noticeable at a considerable distance.

Physical Properties

If retch moss is eaten or even smelled, the victim will be violently ill suffering nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, blurred vision, dizziness and more. It is almost impossible to perform any action while suffering the effects of this moss.

Eating retch moss raw has been known to cure stomach disorders and some illnesses by "purging" an organism’s digestive system.

If retch moss is eaten in very small quantities, it acts as a powerful laxative.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Retch Moss is found throughout Ithria. It is found along riverbanks and especially around waterfalls.


Tolerance: Yes it's possible to build up a resistance to retch moss. In small doses, it acts as a laxative. Tolerance can be built up rather quickly to this substance through repeated exposure.


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