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Horsetail Mushroom

True Name Visendris
Frequency Common
Quantity 10-100
Locale Temperate Coastline
Form Fungus

Physical Description

The horsetail mushroom is a very tall and thin fungus which has a pale cream colored stalk and a tall cone-shaped cap. Thousands of small hairs sprout from the cap vertically. These fine hairs grown in a striped brown and yellow formation. The tallest hairs sprout from the top of the cap. This makes the mushroom appear vaguely like a striped horses tail standing straight up..

Physical Properties

The flesh of the cap is edible and has a very hot, spicy flavor. Several races flavor their foods with this fungus. The flesh inner core of the cap can be minced and fermented to produce a clear liquid which is even spicier. The fermented juice of the horsetail mushroom is considered too hot and spicy by most races.

The hair of the mushroom is coated with powdery spores (which gives it the odd brown and yellow striation). If disturbed or shaken, these spores comes off of the mushroom in thick puffs of powder. Even a small whiff of the powdery spores will cause a sneezing and coughing fit. The eyes will water and the nose will run. The grum seem immune to this (which might explain why many grum in southern Ithria enjoy using horsetail mushrooms in their cooking.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Horsetail mushroom is found on the banks of the Captured Sea and Cauldron Lake in central Ithria.


Although common in grassland areas, this mushroom is most common on temperate coastlines. The horsetail mushroom is found in southern Ithria and western Qeshir.


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