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Plants found in on coasts, on riverbanks and underwater. Most such plants require large quantities of water for their survival

Name Locale Form Description


Coastline Herb A saltwater coastal root with blood clotting properties.

Emerald Moss

River Banks Moss A bright green moss with healing properties.
Horsetail Mushroom Coastline Fungus A tall, thin mushroom capped by hair like tendrils.
Keelweed Ocean Seaweed A hidden danger for ocean going ships.

Pod Moss

River Banks Moss An edible moss with a unique vocal gift.

Retch Moss

River Banks Moss A river moss that exudes a powerful irritant.
Troth Clusters Ocean Seaweed Medicinally valuable, but difficult to harvest, seaweed.

Walking Plant

River Banks Tree A plant that responds to stimuli by relocating.

Whirling Flower

River Banks Flower A flying flower.


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