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Blood Root

True Name Xurion
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d4
Locale Salt water shore line
Form Herb

Physical Description

The bloodroot itself appears as thick, crooked tendrils which are black and oily. The skin of the tendrils is fibrous and tough. The inner meat is dark red and very moist. The tendrils grow in clusters of 6 to 12 and grow between 30 and 50 centimeters long. Above ground, the plant appears as a tiny cluster of twisting twigs and small dark green spade shaped leaves.

Physical Properties

The fleshy red meat of these roots can be ground into a paste which, if applied to an open wound, will cause the blood to coagulate instantly gluing the wound shut. Bloodroot paste is also very effective at reducing the severity of blood fever.

If the roots are eaten, it causes the blood of the animal to  thicken and coagulate. Breathing will become difficult and painful cramps will spread throughout the body. If enough roots are eaten (about 7 to 10 roots for an adult human male), the effect is severe enough that it can lead to heart failure and death within an hour. Because of its very bitter flavor, bloodroot is not useful as a covert poison and is typically not used by assassins.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Bloodroot ranges along the southern coast and eastern coasts of Ithria - from Rukemia to Karth. It is chiefly found on grassy cliffs overlooking the sea.


The tiny leaves of the bloodroot herb are often dried, crushed and used as a spicy additive in many dishes.


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