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Janidan Fur Frog

Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Temperate to subpolar wetlands
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Omnivore

Physical Description

This odd evolutionary anomaly appears as a large, fur-covered frog. It is almost a third of a meter long and weighs several kilograms. Its thick, oily coated fur sheds water very effectively and keeps the frog warm and dry. Fur frog bulls have remarkable loud barks, especially when courting females.


Janidan fur frogs pose no significant threat to humanoids and will generally hop away if disturbed. Fur frogs are capable of astounding leaps and can outrun a man simply by hopping.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Large numbers of Janidan fur frogs inhabit the Janidan Mud Flats (hence the name) but these creatures can also be found in lesser numbers in the Trackless Mire and in small bogs deep in some of the larger northern forests.


This animal is something of an evolutionary anomaly. It is a warm-blooded creature with a high metabolism and fur like a mammal. However, it lays eggs and produces no milk for the young like an amphibian. In all other respects, it resembles and behaves much as a regular frog.

Fur frogs feed on insects, small fish and swamp flora including gripper moss.

Like regular frogs, these fur cover specimens are edible. The white meat is dense, dry and chewy, but otherwise tastes like chicken.


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