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Bore Worm

Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Swamp/Marsh
Frequency Rare
Organization Groups
Activity Cycle


Diet Special

Physical Description

The bore worm appears as a small, thick bodied, cylindrical worm. It is about four inches long and one inch in diameter. A whitish grey slime coats the worm entirely. When crawling upon a surface, it leaves a trail of slime behind it.


The bore worm’s only attack is tunneling into the flesh of another animal. Since it moves slowly, it must use surprise and tunnels quickly for the first few seconds until initial entry into the host creature is complete. A tunneling bore worm causes excruciating pain for the host creature and the host will be aware of it. Many creatures, if they are able, will cut a bore worm out rather than allow it to bore. If a bore worm infests a horse or similar creature which does not use tools, the creature will usually claw or chew the worm out. If unable, the creature will go wild with pain, kicking and screaming, until death occurs.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Bore worms are primarily found in wetlands such as swamps or marshes. However, they can be found in almost any environment. It is known that they prefer warmer climates to cold and extreme cold kills them. Some cultures utilize bore worms as a tool of torture.


This small terror is a scavenger, sustaining itself on flesh, carrion, vegetation, garbage or whatever else it can find. This worm bores slowly tunnels through soft material - leather, vegetable matter, earth, flesh, wood. Material passes through body by muscle contractions and is expelled out the back. Nutrients are absorbed through the semi-permeable inner lining of the worm.


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