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Other Names Cave Fish, Cave Stinger, Stinger Fish
Climate/Terrain Subterranean Lakes and Rivers
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Marine scavenger, herbivore

Physical Description

Also known simply as the cave fish. The grobban is a large fleshy subterranean fish, about 1.25 meters long (4 ft) and 35 kilograms (77 pounds), which lacks eyes and ears. The cave fish has a number of long, stiff whiskers along its flanks, running the length of its body, and senses its surroundings by detecting vibrations in the water through the whiskers. The grobban is typically white or light grey and lacks scaleson its smooth skin.


Grobban whiskers are equipped with thousands of tiny stinger cells which are capable of delivering a painful sting. If agitated, a group of these will sting a man dozens of times. The stings involve a poison strong enough to kill small animals and cause serious illness in larger (man-sized) animals. The grobban is not a predator and these whiskers are merely a defensive mechanism against carnivores that might make a meal of it.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The grobban inhabits underground lakes and rivers and lives its life in near total darkness. It is typically found in zones one and two.


The grobban is a bottom feeder. Its diet consists of lichens, moss, algae and other nutrient rich matter found on the silty bottoms of cave lakes and rivers. This is an edible fish with a salty flavor. A favorite among dwarves and a major staple of their diet. Preparation of this fish must be done carefully so that the stinger poison doesn’t infect the meat. Infected meat is mildly poisonous and, if eaten, will lay a man up in bed with a sour stomach for days.


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